Welcome to the 37th Anniversary of the Johnson & Johnson International Cup!

Johnson & Johnson is pleased to announce that once again this year’s tournament will raise funds for the Shoot for a Cure campaign to dedicate their funds to awareness, research and prevention of brain and spinal cord injuries. The Shoot for a Cure campaign is run by the Canadian and American Spinal Research Organizations and StopConcussions Foundation. New to the tournament this year is the Connected Mental Health Initiative.



Our goal this year is to raise $350,000 USD for neurotrauma injuries.

This year’s tournament is being hosted by Johnson & Johnson Inc., Medical Devices Canada led by Ashley McEvoy and will be held in Canada in Toronto, Ontario. The fundraising campaign will be contributing donations raised from the tournament to fund concussion awareness and prevention platforms, as well as innovative research projects to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

About the Campaign

The Shoot for a Cure Campaign raises money to reduce, treat and cure brain and spinal cord injuries through research, awareness and prevention.


Shoot for a Cure supports research that facilitates recovery and re-integration into the community through investments in neurorecovery projects, neuroprotection projects, standardization of treatment, early interventions that reduce secondary damage and improved access to treatment.


Shoot for a Cure exists to raise awareness and assist in prevention and cure of neurotrauma injuries. Through on-location seminars Shoot for a Cure instills principles of respect and safe play values in sport today to bring awareness to neurotrauma injuries.


Through education and our comprehensive sport specific prevention platforms, Shoot for a Cure is dedicated to shifting the mindsets of participants towards prevention and safety from the grassroots up.


Canadian and American Spinal Research Organizations

CSRO and ASRO are dedicated to the improvement of the physical quality of life for peoples with a spinal cord injury and those related neurological deficits, through targeted medical and scientific research.


StopConcussions Foundation 

StopConcussions is a nonprofit organization that was established to educate and raise awareness on the cause, effects, and consequences of concussions and neuro-trauma injuries, specializing in concussions.

Please note that Canadian employees of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies who donate to American players and teams will not be able to deduct charitable contributions in Canada as contributions to American players and teams are directed to ASRO, not a Canadian charity; therefore a Canadian tax receipt cannot be issued.

This site is hosted by Shoot for a Cure and is not a Johnson & Johnson site.